Vild Mad

Denmark has over the last half a decade become known for more than just simple architecture and The Little Mermaid. A group of food entrepreneurs, fighters and philanthropists have gattered many a time at a symposium small or large, with the result being a restaurant (NOMA), a festival and what not. Continue reading Vild Mad


A lot of “we cook – you eat” home delivery services have been popping up, like there was an offer for someone starting a food startup, filling a gap between regular delivery, like Seamless and “we delivery – you cook” services like Blue Apron. But some do even more. Continue reading Munchery


Yes, Pepsi. Not the most organic, artisanal brand to pull up. But it doesn’t have to be. You just need to show that you’re doing something the promotes goodness. And so they have done. And yes, they are trying to make a lot of money, by doing it, and so what? Continue reading Pepsi